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Daily Bible Verses Easter Season To Pentecost | Saturday Week 5 | A Hostile World

Through these Bible verses, we are called upon to consider the persecution of Christians. Jesus speaks both of his own time, and of the time of the Apostles, and of time to come, including the present day. The persecution of Christians is a live issue at present in the Middle East, through the intolerance of some people and their leaders. In living memory, we recall the oppression and murder of Christians by totalitarian regimes. As we look back through history, we find so many of our saints are martyrs [ … ]

Jesus' farewell to his disciples - a new commandment
Jesus' farewell discourse
Daily Bible Verses Easter Season To Pentecost | Monday Week 5 | Promise Of The Holy Spirit

Chapter 14 of John’s Gospel gives us a beautiful example of the ways in which the disciples learnt from Jesus. There is clear, honest and responsive asking of questions on matters the disciples are confused about, which Jesus readily answers, guiding them as a friend and teacher toward truth and faith. The relationship between Jesus and the disciples is very beautiful, and stands as a guide to how we should understand our own relationship with Jesus. He is our Lord, he is our teacher. He is also our friend [ … ]

Audio Bible - parable the vine and the branches
Jesus Christ the king of heaven - Father and Son
Holy Week
Easter Sunday | The Resurrection Of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Easter! Today we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead. Jesus has conquered death and sin. This is the proof of our salvation in Jesus Christ. We know that Jesus lived. We have his teachings and the clear evidence of the miracles he worked. We know he died. Now we have the proof of our faith in Jesus. He lives again. He did not know corruption. He raised himself from the dead to be near us always and to sit, as he promised, at the right hand of his Father in heaven. We have passed through darkness and the light of our lives is with us now and always [ … ]

Audio Bible - Holy Saturday - Holy Week
Audio Bible - Good Friday - the Passion of Jesus
Jesus Washes The Disciples’ Feet | The Last Supper | Holy Week | Holy Thursday

John speaks of the Last Supper in a different way from the Synoptic Gospels. He omits, for example, the institution of the Eucharist, because the other Gospels and Paul have already spoken of this in their accounts of the Last Supper. Through chapters thirteen to seventeen, John gives an extensive account of Jesus’ teaching at the Last Supper, in which Jesus builds on his teachings so far and leads his disciples to a greater understanding of the love that they must share and of the way ahead [ … ]

Audio Bible - Judas' betrayal - Holy week - Gospel of Saint Matthew
Audio Bible - The last supper - Judas' Betrayal
Mary Anoints Jesus At Bethany | Monday Of Holy Week

As we have heard in our Palm Sunday reading, Mary anoints Jesus. In John’s account, she anoints Jesus’ feet and wipes them with her hair. This is a sign of great love and humility, which Jesus will offer to his followers in John’s account of the Last Supper. The ointment she uses is very precious, costing a year’s wages for a labouring man, and the whole house is filled with the beautiful scent [ … ]

Jesus' agony in the Garden of Gethsemane
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Parables Of Jesus
Daily Bible Verses Easter Season To Pentecost | Monday Week 4 | The Parable Of The Good Shepherd | Jesus Is The Gateway | Life And Freedom

Jesus links the symbolic imagery of the sheep, the shepherd and the sheepfold with the Temple and the Jewish authorities, and with their abuse of the Jewish people. In Bible times, it was the custom at night to bring a number of flocks of sheep into the protected area of the sheepfold, then at dawn the shepherds would each call to his own flock, and the sheep would recognize the voice of their particular shepherd and gather about him. Jesus has come to us as the one good shepherd who will unify all flocks to create one flock, one human family. We may also understand these verses as suggesting the role of those who minister for people spread all over the world in their various localities. Christ’s message now is that the sheepfold has been corrupted, specifically by the Temple authorities [ … ]

Jesus the good shepherd
Audio Bible parables - the unjust judge
Parables Of God’s Mercy | The Lost Sheep And The Lost Coin

The publicans (tax collectors) and other sinners are drawn to hear Jesus’ teaching. Perhaps they feel Jesus offers hope to them especially. While the scribes and Pharisees, despising sinners, find Jesus behaviour as he mixes with such people to be utterly objectionable, Jesus receives all humanity with love, understanding and, where there is faith and repentance, forgiveness. It is as if the people know that they are not condemned but can be accepted by Jesus. He offers them hope [ … ]

Parable of the Master and the Steward

The parable teaches us that we must be ready, because we do not know when Christ will come to us, for the final account of our lives. This is a warning, edging our lives with the unpredictable. One positive effect of this parable is that it helps us to remain alert to the present moment. While it is easy to allow our thoughts to drift from where we are here and now, to recall the past, to worry or hope for the future, or to slip into daydreams and fantasy altogether, it is when we bring our attention to this very moment of time that we find sharpness, significance, and vibrancy in our life. We may realise just how extraordinary this great gift of life truly is, and feel empowered to live well and offer ourselves wholly to God. When we are attentive to this moment in time we may walk with Jesus [ … ]

Audio Bible Parables - the barren fig-tree
Parable Of The Rich Fool

In the clamour of people crowding to be near to Jesus, one man comes to Jesus with a problem which is entirely his own and has nothing to do with his or anyone’s spiritual life. He asks Jesus to use his influence to solve a family dispute about material possessions, the family inheritance, by telling his brother to divide the inheritance fairly [ … ]

Audio Bible - pearl of great price
Audio Bible - parables - two sons