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Daily Bible Verses For Lent | Jesus Heals An Official’s Son | Faith Healing | Jesus’ Miracles | Audio KJV | God’s Mercy

The official who approaches Jesus would have been a man of high rank, living in Capernaum, which was a town with a customs post. He comes to Jesus with faith, and yet his faith is, to begin with, imperfect. The official thinks that Jesus must come to his house, a journey of twenty miles, to heal his son. Jesus tells him that, through the faith he has shown, his son is already healed [ … ]

Four Quartets | Burnt Norton | T.S. Eliot | Audio | Christian Poems | Word Aloud KJV

The poem begins with a meditation on time. Central to Burnt Norton is the imagery of a house and its gardens. This setting serves as a symbol of the transient nature of human experience. The garden, with its paths and hedges, represents choices and possibilities that lie before us, as well as those left behind. Eliot invites readers to walk through the garden, to reflect on moments missed and moments seized, and to understand the weight of decisions [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses | The Lord’s Prayer | Our Father | Teach Us To Pray | Saint Teresa Of Avila

We are given different accounts of Jesus teaching his disciples the Lord’s Prayer, the Our Father, in today’s verses from the Gospel of Luke, and also in the Gospel of Matthew, during the Sermon on the Mount. Here the situation is quite different from that of Matthew. Jesus has been praying, seemingly apart, to his Father, and so it is after this that the disciples ask Jesus to teach them how to pray. This is unusual: prayer, especially of the psalms, would have been an integral part of these Jewish people’s daily routine. We are alerted to the Lord’s Prayer being an additional offering, an innovation of grace, and a further initiation for the Christian. The prayer furthermore reflects John the Baptist’s teaching of his disciples. Indeed, a perfectly reasonable translation of the Greek is to say that the disciples of Jesus are asking Jesus to teach them the very same prayer which John taught. We can only speculate as to the extent that Jesus ‘followed after’ John prior to beginning his ministry, during the course of his perfect humanity’s spiritual formation through the hidden years [ … ]

What Are The Ten Commandments In The Bible? | The Decalogue | How Did Jesus Speak Of The Commandments And Of Jewish Law?

The Ten Commandments, also known as the Decalogue, are a set of religious and moral imperatives believed to have been given by God to the Israelites and recorded in the Hebrew Bible. They are traditionally understood to provide a code of conduct for the faithful to follow, and are of great significance in Judaism and Christianity. According to the biblical account, God delivered the Ten Commandments to Moses on tablets of stone on Mount Sinai, which he then brought down from the mountain and presented to the Israelites [ … ]

Listen To The Bible! | Psalm 88 | King James Audio Bible KJV | Prayer For Help In Despondency | Prayer With Jesus And King David | True Faith In God | Pray The Psalms

Psalm 88 expresses despair and there is an absence of the redemptive turn found in many other psalms. Traditionally ascribed to Heman the Ezrahite, this psalm explores depths of human suffering and spiritual desolation, offering a raw and unfiltered cry from the soul [ … ]

Listen To The Bible! | Psalm 101 | King James Audio Bible KJV | A Sovereign’s Pledge Of Integrity And Justice | Prayer With Jesus And King David | True Faith In God | Pray The Psalms

Psalm 101 is a vow to live righteously. Often attributed to David, it pledges to uphold mercy, judgment, and unwavering integrity. This psalm centres on personal devotion and responsible leadership, echoing timeless principles for moral conduct and ethical governance [ … ]

Listen To The Bible! | Psalm 103 | King James Audio Bible KJV | Thanksgiving For God’s Goodness | Prayer With Jesus And King David | True Faith In God | Pray The Psalms

The psalm begins with a call to the soul: ‘Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name.’ It is a direct plea for a genuine, heartfelt response, extending beyond mere words to the very core of one’s being. The repetition of this call reinforces the psalmist’s determination not to forget the benefits received from the Lord [ … ]

Listen To The Bible! | Psalm 111 | King James Audio Bible KJV | Praise For God’s Wonderful Works | Prayer With Jesus And King David | True Faith In God | Pray The Psalms

Psalm 111 likely originates from the post-exilic era, a time of rebuilding and re-establishing Jewish religious and community life after the Babylonian Exile. This background is essential to understanding the psalm’s emphasis on communal worship and remembering God’s acts [ … ]

Listen To The Bible! | Psalm 112 | King James Audio Bible KJV | Blessing Of The Righteous | Prayer With Jesus And King David | True Faith In God | Pray The Psalms

Psalm 112 centralizes the concept of the righteous life. The psalm praises those who fear the Lord and delight in his commandments. This fear is not about being afraid, but about respecting and revering God, and finding joy in following his teachings. This respect for divine commandments sets the stage for a life guided by ethical and moral values [ … ]

Listen To The Bible! | Psalm 132 | King James Audio Bible KJV | Eternal Dwelling Of God In Zion | Prayer With Jesus And King David | True Faith In God | Pray The Psalms

Psalm 132, of the Songs of Ascents, is significant especially in Christian tradition. For Christians, this psalm not only recounts a devotional history of King David but also serves as a prophetic foretelling of Jesus Christ, seen as fulfilment of the Davidic covenant [ … ]

Prayer With Jesus | Beatitudes | Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit: For Theirs Is The Kingdom Of Heaven | Meditations On The Love Of Jesus Christ | Simple Prayer

Being ‘poor in spirit’ means understanding that we have nothing to offer God on our own. It’s like realizing we’re empty inside and need God to fill us with His love and guidance. When we’re humble and admit our weaknesses, God’s kingdom becomes available to us. It’s a kingdom where God’s love, peace, and goodness rule [ … ]

Penitential Psalms | School Of Christian Prayer | God Teaches Sinners How To Pray | Trust, Love, Honesty, Contrition, Repentance

The Penitential Psalms offer a path to spiritual growth and redemption, and this is reflected in the redemption offered by Christ on the Cross. Through his death and resurrection, Christ offers the forgiveness of sins and the hope of eternal life to all who believe in him. The Penitential Psalms, through their focus on repentance and the mercy of God, can be seen as a powerful tool in the process of conversion and reparation that leads to redemption [ … ]