The Gospel According To Tomàs

A Bishop’s Lenten Homily | Extracted From The Gospel According To Tomàs | Part 4

The impression clearly formed is that the Archbishop’s ideas are not mere bookish speculation but, as it were, bucket-and-spade, in the sense of his having visited the place where he thinks it was that Jesus was baptized. He tells us about the place, in the Holy Land, over the Jordan, where there is a confluence, troubled waters, and danger in entering into them. The picture he evokes of broiling surge, plunging deep, a GPS map-point, a trial in ways apart from our sacrament. Where waters churn and threaten to swallow you. And he is convinced it happened there. He is convinced. He relates it to our own baptism [ … ]

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It seems absurd now, of course, to relate, as then to itself it must have done, the mental-contest. We who now are clean and honest. There seem such quantities of belief I put in myself. I might have gone terrorist-Catholic. And given the time invested scrabbling the walls inside for a back-door hack on it. Where’s the chink? Where’s the catch? Where’s the opening? Let me in… A creature imprisoned – all basement-brick with a dustbin-lid on top. A small thing caged to the level of the purely animal [ … ]