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Parable Of The Unjust Judge | Parables Of Jesus | King James Audio Bible KJV | Powerful Prayer With Jesus

Jesus teaches his listeners the parable of the unjust judge in order to affirm for them the efficacy of prayer. If even this unrighteous judge will grant the widow’s request, he tells us, how much more will God vindicate his elect, and speedily. We are called upon by Jesus to live a life of prayer – to express and to strengthen our faith through prayer and to channel our ever enriched faith into further prayer. This is the way to orient our lives to God [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses | The Day Of Christ’s Coming | King James Audio Bible KJV | Love Revealed By Jesus Christ

Jesus continues to speak to his listeners about the apocalyptic coming of the Son of Man. Using a highly elevated, figurative language, laden with symbol and metaphor, Jesus describes the second coming, or Parousia, which marks the end of this period of history and the inauguration of the new age, the days of the Son of man; it is a scene of sudden, violent destruction and transformation, and a scene of judgement [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses | The Coming Of The Kingdom of God | King James Audio Bible | Love Revealed By Jesus Christ

The Kingdom of God has come in the person of Jesus. This is Jesus’ message, and it is this that will lead to his being crucified. It is this toward which the language of apocalypse directs us: our old way of being fractures with the coming of Jesus; the new reality of which we are a part is as lightning flashing across the sky – across the whole sky, the whole of our world, from one side to the other. And still we are told there is to be no visible sign of the coming of the Kingdom. It is within us, in the midst of us, when we walk as disciples with Jesus [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses | Jesus Heals Ten Lepers | The Samaritan Gives God the Glory | King James Audio Bible KJV

Jesus has not confined his journey to Jerusalem to exclusively Jewish territories. He has wandered in Samaria, and indeed Galilee was what we might now call a multicultural environment, known as Galilee of the Gentiles. This would be greatly reassuring to those of Luke’s readership who were of Gentile rather than Jewish provenance. Christ’s physical journey to Jerusalem marks a journey from inward-looking and narrow sectarianism to a redemptive faith which is inclusive of all [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses | Faith As A Grain Of Mustard Seed | Forgiving Offences | King James Audio Bible KJV | Parables

To cause scandal is to drive other people away from the path of faith, to cause another person to sin, to withdraw from a life of grace, to cease to believe in redemption in Jesus Christ. This is a terrible sin, and we know that it does not stop there. The evil spreads, and soon it is common practice to denigrate Christianity. We think of the millions upon millions of little ones – and this in ‘Christian countries’ – who have never been introduced to Jesus, and of all the attendant troubles they experience because their spiritual lives have not been fostered. The signs of this spiritual neglect are endemic, while when many people speak against Christianity they do not even know what it is that they are objecting to; they have become in so little time so far removed from what could have been their inheritance, the living faith [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses | Faith And Riches | Jesus God And Mammon | King James Audio Bible KJV | Love Revealed By Jesus Christ

At the time of Luke’s writing his Gospel, those Christian communities which had largely arisen among the poor were being joined by richer people. This caused some problems, which appear in the advice given in the Letter of James, in the First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians, and in Luke’s Gospel. Saint Paul describes how, when the Christian community comes together to share the Lord’s supper, the rich have brought their own food and have no intention of sharing it. This was at a time when the Eucharist proper was still celebrated as part of a larger meal, an arrangement which did not last many years. St Paul writes [ … ]

Parable Of The Unjust Steward | Parables Of Jesus | King James Audio Bible KJV | Love Revealed By Jesus Christ

Today’s parable may seem to us to be very strange. Fired for corruption, for being wasteful with the rich man’s property, the dishonest steward goes on to compound the error with outright criminality, marking down the debts of the rich man’s debtors in order to secure future favours. And Jesus praises him! [ … ]

Parables Of God’s Mercy | The Lost Sheep And The Lost Coin | King James Audio Bible KJV | Parables Of Jesus

The publicans (tax collectors) and other sinners are drawn to hear Jesus’ teaching. Perhaps they feel Jesus offers hope to them especially. While the scribes and Pharisees, despising sinners, find Jesus behaviour as he mixes with such people to be utterly objectionable, Jesus receives all humanity with love, understanding and, where there is faith and repentance, forgiveness. It is as if the people know that they are not condemned but can be accepted by Jesus. He offers them hope [ … ]