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In a time and in a land where different communities lived side by side yet non-communicatively, fearing, suspecting and disliking one another, and often bound by religious laws telling them not to interact, it is all the more extraordinary that Jesus tells his disciples to trust in life, in providence, in strangers’ hospitality, as they travel throughout the lands, as it would now be internationally, healing people and preaching the Gospel [ … ]

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In Matthew, Jesus teaches the Our Father, the Lord’s Prayer, as part of the Discourse on the Mountain, in which we are instructed in the correct ways of practising almsgiving, prayer and fasting. Certain tendencies of the Jewish converts are corrected, particularly a certain ostentation and vacuity in the manner of prayer, giving and fasting to which they were accustomed. When they are praying, Jesus orders his followers not to be like the Gentiles, who heap up long-winded but ultimately empty phrases in the vain and superstitious belief that this will impress God. True piety means looking to God with simplicity of heart and true love through the course of each day. Spoken prayer is good and necessary, but the words only count if they express the truth of our inner feelings [ … ]

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As I meditate upon the love of Jesus Christ, I am struck by its boundlessness and its depth. His love is not limited by time or space, nor is it conditional upon our worthiness. Jesus loves us simply because we are his creation, his beloved children. In Jesus’ love, there is no fear, no judgment, only grace and mercy [ … ]

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Dear Jesus, Thank you for the blessing of family. Help me to appreciate and cherish my family members, both biological and spiritual. Guide me to be a source of love, support, and encouragement to them. Grant us the strength to overcome challenges together and to celebrate our joys with gratitude. May our family be a reflection of your love and grace. Help us to forgive one another, to be patient, and to build each other up. Let your peace reign in our home, and may we always seek to do your will. Amen [ … ]

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As adults, we often find ourselves weighed down by the responsibilities and complexities of life. Yet, Jesus, in his profound wisdom, encourages us to become like children in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Embracing childlike faith enables us to approach God with innocence, trust, and humility. This collection of prayers is designed to help adults cultivate and nurture that childlike spirit within, as we seek a deeper connection with our Heavenly Father [ … ]

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In this passage, the prophet Balaam was on his way to meet King Balak of Moab, who sought to hire Balaam to curse the Israelites. However, God was displeased with Balaam’s intentions and sent an angel to stand in his path to prevent him from proceeding further. Unaware of the angel’s presence, Balaam’s donkey saw the angel with a drawn sword and reacted fearfully, trying to avoid the dangerous path [ … ]

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The story of Joseph is of a young man who endured trials and triumphs, demonstrating the power of faith, forgiveness, and God’s providence. Joseph was the favoured son of Jacob, receiving from his father the gift of his coat of many colours, causing jealousy among his brothers. In a moment of jealousy, they sold him into slavery. Joseph was taken to Egypt, where he served in the house of Potiphar. However, he was falsely accused of sexual assault and imprisoned [ … ]

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The crowds gather to see and to hear Jesus. Among them, as Matthew relates in his Gospel (Matthew 12: 38-42), are the scribes and Pharisees, who ask for a sign from Jesus to prove his divinity. Jesus refuses to confirm his preaching with dramatic signs. It is his teaching Jesus wishes the people to hear. Through seeking to taunt Jesus, and through their unbelief, the scribes and the Pharisees express the hardness of their hearts. Christ is present to them and they refuse to see. Christ is speaking to them and they refuse to hear. Through the Gospel, we have witnessed Christ’s miracles. And we are called to hear his word. ‘An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign.’ [ … ]

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Psalm 45 suggests a joyous meeting of the earthly and the divine. The psalm honours a royal wedding while inviting readers to contemplate greater majesty of God’s eternal reign and spiritual significance of Christ as the divine Bridegroom. It is a poetic masterpiece that celebrates love, beauty, and the enduring nature of God’s sovereignty [ … ]

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Psalm 48 is a tribute to the city of God – Mount Zion. This psalm extols the greatness of the Lord and splendour of the holy city, portraying Zion as a place of refuge and rejoicing. The psalm underscores the enduring nature of God’s protection and guidance [ … ]

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Psalm 50 is a profound exploration of God’s authority, the meaning of true worship, and the imperative of righteous living. The psalm condemns empty rituals and hypocrisy while calling for genuine, heart-centred relationship with God. The psalm balances warnings of judgment with the promise of deliverance and salvation for those who seek God with sincerity and integrity [ … ]

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Lord Jesus, I come before you with a weary heart and a burdened soul. Life’s challenges have left me feeling tired and overwhelmed. I seek your comforting presence and the rest that only you can provide. Please grant me your peace, renew my strength, and carry my burdens as I surrender them into your loving hands. In Your name, I find solace and find rest for my weary soul. Amen [ … ]

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As I pray and reflect on the resurrection of Jesus, I am filled with gratitude and joy. I thank God for his great love for us, for sending his Son to die for our sins, and for raising Jesus from the dead so that we might have eternal life. I pray that I may always walk in the power of Jesus’ resurrection, and that I may be a witness to others of Jesus’ love and grace. Amen [ … ]

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As I contemplate the Baptism of Jesus, I am invited to reflect on my own baptism and the significance of this sacrament in my life. I am reminded that, like Jesus, I am a beloved child of God, called to participate in Jesus’ mission of love and reconciliation. I am challenged to live out my baptismal promises, to renounce sin and evil, and to follow Jesus on the path of discipleship. And I am encouraged to draw upon the grace of the Holy Spirit, which is poured out upon me in my baptism, to transform me from within and to make me a new creation in Christ [ … ]