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The psalmist stands amidst challenges. He seeks a source of strength and refuge. He shares an account of encountering God amidst life’s adversities. From the outset, he establishes a bond with the divine rooted in trust, an anchor that steadies him in life’s tempests. Through imagery as sturdy as a rock and as secure as a fortress, God is portrayed as a source of strength [ … ]

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Psalm 28 is a heartfelt cry to the Lord God. The psalm is a plea for divine intervention, and a declaration of unwavering trust in God’s strength and protection. The psalm resonates with themes of supplication, of contrast between the righteous and the wicked, and acknowledgment of God as the ultimate source of strength and salvation [ … ]

Futility | Wilfred Owen | Audio

The poem presents an image of a fallen soldier in the snow, as his comrades try to move him into the sun in hopes of reviving him. This act becomes a metaphor for futile efforts of better-humanity to counteract ridiculous war and death. The poem juxtaposes the soldier’s past experiences of the sun’s warmth and life-giving qualities with the current reality of his lifeless state, highlighting stark contrast [ … ]