Daily Bible Verses | The Sermon On The Mount | Adultery, Fornication And Divorce | Sin | Miracle Healing | Inward Purity | Purity Of Thought

Through these verses of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus directs us to consider and take to heart not the outward show of the Law, the behaviour which other people can see, but rather the inward spirit – our thoughts, our mind, the invisible part of ourselves, which is visible to ourselves and to God [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses For Lent | Jesus’ Teaching | The Fullness Of The Law | Peace And Love In Christian Community | Audio KJV

As we progress through Lent, we listen to Christ’s teaching of the limitations of the Old Law and the complete fulfilment, transcendence and renewal of the Law which Christ, through his life, death and resurrection, gave to us. As St Paul will teach: through the Law, there can be no salvation; salvation is for us through Christ alone [ … ]

Ash Wednesday | Daily Bible Verses For Lent | Giving, Prayer And Penance | Christian Faith | King James Audio Bible | KJV

In these Bible verses, from the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gives to his people instruction regarding the three traditional works of mercy of the Jews, namely almsgiving, prayer and fasting. A key message is that, when we pray, when we fast and when we give charity, this is not supposed to be because we wish to be seen as pious by other people. Jesus satirizes those hypocrites who wish to be glorified by other people for their fasting, their giving of alms and their prayers. They sound a trumpet in the streets and strike extravagant attitudes in the synagogues. They visibly mortify their bodies and pull dismal expressions. Jesus portrays such hypocrites as ridiculous. Their piety is not to do with their love of God; it is to do with their wish to be seen as ‘pious’ by their fellow man. And such will be their reward [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses | The Sermon On The Mount | Salt Of The Earth, Light Of The World | Christian Prayer | Faith | Neighbours In Christ

This is an extraordinary scene. Many, many people are gathered with Jesus to hear his teaching, which is the Sermon on the Mount. The people will not all be friends; there will be different, sectarian groups, and rivalries between them. Some of those gathered to listen to Jesus will be suspicious of others. Nor can the people yet understand what is happening here, just who and what Jesus is. The people have flocked to – see someone, hear someone, someone new and extraordinary, someone perhaps who can answer their needs. Their coming to Jesus is an expression of hope and longing. Who knows what thoughts there must have been as people looked around to see all those others gathered. This is a vast company of strangers [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses | Sermon On The Mount | Beatitudes | King James Audio Bible | KJV

The Beatitudes form our gateway to the Sermon on the Mount, the first of the great five discourses which are recounted in Matthew’s Gospel, and a beautiful invitation to be with Jesus, a programme by which we may live a Christian life. Moses ascended a mountain to be with God and to bring the Law back to the people. Now Jesus ascends this mountain and draws the people with him, both his disciples and the multitude, and here he reforms and brings new life to the Law, teaching with authority as only he can [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses | Jesus’ Mother Mary And Family | Who Are My Mother And My Brethren? | Neighbours In Christ

Jesus family and friends have worried in earlier verses about Jesus’ sanity. His friends have tried to seize him, to save him from himself. Now his mother and his brothers come to find him. It seems natural to assume they are still very concerned, and that there has been what they perceive to be a breach in the family, which may be linked in some way to Jesus’ move to Capernaum [ … ]

Meditations On The Love Of Jesus Christ | King James Audio Bible | KJV | Word Aloud | Love Revealed By Jesus | Gethsemane

As I meditate upon the love of Jesus Christ, I am struck by its boundlessness and its depth. His love is not limited by time or space, nor is it conditional upon our worthiness. Jesus loves us simply because we are his creation, his beloved children. In Jesus’ love, there is no fear, no judgment, only grace and mercy [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses For Lent | The Greatest Commandment | Love Revealed By Jesus Christ | Love Your Neighbour As You Love Yourself

Jesus has discussed the resurrection of the dead with those who question him. He has spoken truly and in accordance with the Old Testament teachings of the Bible. The scribe who now asks Jesus his question is clearly a just man; he is not seeking to test Jesus but rather to learn from him and discover the truth. Jesus sees this and makes time to speak to the scribe quite plainly. The scribe accepts what Jesus has to say and we hear of Jesus’ message sinking into his heart [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses | The Law Of The Sabbath | Christian Faith | Truth | Jesus Heals The Withered Hand | Miracle Healing

In these Bible verses, Jesus teaches that the Pharisees have got it all wrong in relation to the Sabbath. While God gave the Sabbath to man as an opportunity to rest and to devote himself to divine worship, the Pharisees have choked the meaning of the Sabbath in a mass of legalese, turning it from being a time of joy into a time of anxiety and empty observance [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses | Jesus | Fear And Wonder | The Road To Jerusalem | Christian Faith And Prayer | The Passion

As Jesus walks ahead of his disciples on the road to Jerusalem, the people who follow Jesus are amazed and afraid. This is the response of the people, not merely to a great teacher or to a nice man, but to God among them. So often in the Bible, the response of a person to God or to one of God’s messengers, the angels, is just this: they are amazed and they are afraid. Mark’s Gospel is telling us here that, on his way to his Passion, his brutal death, Jesus is God become man [ … ]

Prayers For Adult Children | Embracing Childlike Faith On The Path To Heaven

As adults, we often find ourselves weighed down by the responsibilities and complexities of life. Yet, Jesus, in his profound wisdom, encourages us to become like children in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Embracing childlike faith enables us to approach God with innocence, trust, and humility. This collection of prayers is designed to help adults cultivate and nurture that childlike spirit within, as we seek a deeper connection with our Heavenly Father [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses Advent & Christmas | The Visitation | Christian Faith | Jesus Prayer And Happiness | Blessed Mary, Mother Of God

Mary has expressed complete obedience to the angel Gabriel and to the will of God, declaring herself the handmaid of the Lord. Now she shows her love and compassion for her cousin and friend as she travels with haste to visit Elizabeth, who, she has learnt from Gabriel, is miraculously pregnant, despite her age [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses | On Scandal, Sin and Hell

John tells Jesus that he and other disciples have forbidden a man from casting out devils in Jesus’ name, and Jesus tells him that he was wrong to do this. The man was doing good, irrespective of his not belonging to the community of disciples following Jesus. There is no call for exclusivity, so long as people are working faithfully for and toward the good. Jesus displays an ecumenical attitude here. Different faiths, different churches, can peacefully co-exist and work alongside each other for the greater good [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses | Jesus’ Second Announcement Of The Passion | The Way Of Service | Jesus And A Child

Jesus has a different way of teaching his disciples from that with which he speaks to the many. As he forms them for their apostolic work, so much of what they learn will come from being close to Jesus, living with him, sharing a way of life. We may think of a whole culture, a whole way of thinking and doing and being, being transmitted through a lived and community relationship, rather than, say, of the sort of education which divides the world up into classes and has a textbook and a teacher for each. Christ is no mere teacher in this sense: he is the Master; he is the Way [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses Easter Season To Pentecost | Pentecost Vigil And Pentecost

The Bible verses for the Pentecost Vigil tell of Jesus’ words in the Temple on the last day, the eighth and most solemn, of the feast of Tabernacles. On each day of the feast, the high priest of the Temple would go to the pool of Siloam, bringing water in a golden cup to sprinkle on the altar, and so recalling the water which sprang up in the desert during the Exodus, while reciting Isaiah’s teachings about the coming of the Saviour and the new outpouring of heavenly gifts which would accompany him. ‘Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.’ (Isaiah 12: 3) [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses Easter Season To Pentecost | Saturday Week 7 | Follow Me | John Concludes His Gospel

Peter has been instructed by Jesus as to his mission in life, and his destiny. Now he turns to see John approaching, ‘the disciple whom Jesus loved’, who leant on Jesus at the Last Supper, and Peter asks Jesus about what will happen to him in his life. John is the one Apostle who not martyred. According to St Irenaeus, he lived into the reign of Trajan (AD 89-117), and rumours had circulated that John was not to die [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses Easter Season To Pentecost | Friday Week 7 | Feed My Sheep | Peter’s Primacy

Jesus has told Peter that he is to be the chief among the Apostles, the primate of the Church. During the Passion, Peter denied Jesus three times. It is perhaps for this reason that Jesus now gives Peter three opportunities to declare his love for him, three times to atone for his triple denial. Each time, Jesus responds with the command to lead the Church: ‘Feed my lambs… Feed my sheep.’ Peter and his successors are to be shepherds of the whole Church, imitating Jesus as Jesus declared himself to be in the parable of the Good Shepherd [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses Easter Season To Pentecost | Thursday Week 7 | Prayer For Christian Unity | The Priestly Prayer Of Jesus Concludes

Through these Bible verses, Jesus concludes his Priestly Prayer before his disciples. Through his prayer to his Father, Jesus is also saying goodbye to the disciples. He is about to endure his Passion. These words are Jesus’ last testament before he is glorified. Jesus has asked for the Father’s guidance and help for the disciples. They are called to be united in faith as they preach the Gospel and endure the hardships and hostility of the world. Now Jesus extends his prayer to include all Christians to come [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses Easter Season To Pentecost | Wednesday Week 7 | They Are Not Of The World | The Priestly Prayer Of Jesus Continues

The Priestly Prayer of Jesus continues. In these Bible verses, Jesus asks his Father to guard the disciples. Jesus says that he himself has kept them safe while he has been with them. Only Judas Iscariot has been lost to him, and this was known in advance by God and foretold in Scripture; the other disciples have been prepared for the betrayal, in order to help them not to lose heart [ … ]