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Prayer For Family | Love Revealed By Jesus Christ | KJV | King James Version | Audio Bible | Word Aloud

Gospel Reading: Matthew 12:50 (KJV)

‘For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.’

Reflection On The Gospel

In this verse, Jesus expands the concept of family beyond biological ties, emphasizing that those who do the will of God are his true family. This passage encourages us to see our spiritual family as just as significant as our biological family, fostering a sense of unity and belonging among all who follow Christ.


Dear Jesus, Thank you for the blessing of family. Help me to appreciate and cherish my family members, both biological and spiritual. Guide me to be a source of love, support, and encouragement to them. Grant us the strength to overcome challenges together and to celebrate our joys with gratitude. May our family be a reflection of your love and grace. Help us to forgive one another, to be patient, and to build each other up. Let your peace reign in our home, and may we always seek to do your will. Amen.

Personal Reflection

  • I reflect on a time when my family provided me with significant support.
  • How can I contribute to creating a loving and supportive environment in my family?
  • What qualities do I value most in my family relationships?

Prayer For Family | Love Revealed By Jesus Christ | KJV | King James Version | Audio Bible | Word Aloud

Meditation On The Prayer And Gospel

Matthew 12:50 highlights the inclusive nature of Jesus’ definition of family. By stating that those who do the will of God are his family, Jesus invites us to consider the broader implications of our relationships within the community of believers. This invitation extends the bonds of family beyond blood relations to include all who follow God’s will.

This verse challenges us to re-evaluate our understanding of family. While our biological families play a crucial role in our lives, Jesus reminds us that our spiritual family is equally important. This broader family, united by faith and shared values, offers support, love, and a sense of belonging. It is within this spiritual family that we find strength and encouragement to live out our faith.

In practical terms, embracing this expanded view of family involves nurturing relationships within our church and community. It means being open to forming deep connections with fellow believers, offering support and care as we would to our biological family members. This can be particularly important for those who may not have a strong biological family presence in their lives.

Jesus’ example calls us to create environments where love, patience, and forgiveness thrive. This is true both in our homes and within our spiritual communities. Family life often brings challenges, but by focusing on doing the will of God, we can navigate these challenges with grace and compassion. Jesus’ teaching encourages us to look beyond conflicts and differences, seeking reconciliation and unity.

The strength of a family lies in its ability to support and uplift each other. Whether facing hardships or celebrating successes, a family that follows God’s will stands together. This unity is a powerful testament to the love and grace of God, shining brightly in a world often marked by division and strife.

Building a family that reflects Jesus’ teachings requires intentional effort. Regular prayer, shared worship, and open communication are key elements in fostering a loving family environment. These practices help us to stay grounded in our faith, reminding us of the values and principles that guide our relationships.

As we strive to be better family members, we draw inspiration from Jesus’ words and actions. His example of selflessness, humility, and unwavering love serves as a blueprint for our own interactions. By following his lead, we can create a family dynamic that is supportive, nurturing, and reflective of God’s love.

Living out Jesus’ concept of family also means being inclusive. It involves reaching out to those who may feel isolated or marginalized, inviting them into the fold of our spiritual family. This act of inclusivity reflects the heart of Jesus’ message, emphasizing that everyone who seeks to do God’s will is welcomed and valued.

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Lord Jesus, Thank you for the gift of family. Help me to be a loving and supportive family member, both within my biological family and my spiritual family. When conflicts arise, grant me the wisdom to seek reconciliation. Fill our home with your peace, love, and joy. Help us to support one another in doing your will, and let our family be a beacon of your grace to others. Thank you for the love and support we share, and for the bond that unites us in you. Amen.

Scripture: Proverbs 22:6 (KJV)

‘Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.’


May the God of love and unity bless your family. May you experience the strength and joy of true family bonds, and may your family relationships reflect the love of Jesus. Amen.