Daily Bible Verses Easter Season To Pentecost | Saturday Week 1 | Jesus Helps His Disciples To Believe | The Resurrection

In his brief, summary account of Jesus’ appearances following his crucifixion and resurrection, Mark stresses the disciples’ disbelief and their reluctance to accept the fact of the resurrection. Mary Magdalene first tries to share the good news. The disciples do not believe her. The two disciples, who are probably the two who meet Jesus on the way to Emmaus (cf. Luke 24: 13-35), are similarly not believed when they tell of what they have witnessed. Finally, Jesus appears to the eleven apostles, upbraiding them for their lack of belief, before he goes on to command them to preach the Gospel to the whole of creation. The question of belief is closely tied to the mission to evangelize given to the apostles [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses Easter Season To Pentecost | Friday Week 1 | The Miraculous Catch Of Fish | Jesus Appears To His Disciples In Galilee

This is an amazing encounter! The disciples have returned to Galilee, where their story with Jesus began. It was natural for them to return home, while awaiting further instruction from Jesus. It is natural also for the disciples to wish to engage in their old and familiar work. It seems a typically spontaneous gesture of Simon Peter when he declares: ‘I am going fishing!’ Things have changed, though. Through their time with Jesus, the lives of the disciples have changed [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses Easter Season To Pentecost | Thursday Week 1 | Jesus Appears To His Disciples In Jerusalem

The disciples who encountered Jesus on their way to Emmaus have returned in haste to tell the disciples in Jerusalem what they have heard and seen. Jerusalem has long been a city special to God. It is the Holy City. The Church of Christ is described, in the New Testament, as the Jerusalem above, the heavenly Jerusalem, and the new Jerusalem. It is here that Christ suffered. It is from here that the Kingdom of God begins to spread [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses Easter Season To Pentecost | Wednesday Week 1 | The Road To Emmaus | Jesus Walks Beside Us

This is a dark time, and, as Luke writes his Gospel, it is a dark time for the Christian communities. Jesus has been crucified. Well then, so the logic of the Old Law states, Jesus could not possibly have been the Messiah. Except he was. Luke writes primarily for the communities of Greece, mostly pagan converts. There has been the great persecution of Nero. Jerusalem has been destroyed in the year 70 by the Romans [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses Easter Season To Pentecost | Tuesday Week 1 | Jesus Appears To Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene, out of whom seven demons were cast, has remained faithful to Jesus, providing for him through his ministry and staying with him through his death on the cross. Now, while the disciples go back to their homes, Mary remains by the tomb, weeping for Jesus. Her love and sensitivity have led her to be greatly concerned about Jesus. She longs to take care of his body [ … ]

Daily Bible Verses Easter Season To Pentecost | Monday Week 1 | Jesus Meets Mary and Mary | The Chief Priests Bribe The Soldiers To Lie

In Matthew’s Gospel, the truth of Christ’s victory over death is told in an apocalyptic language, laden with symbolic meaning. There is a great earthquake, the angel descends from heaven to roll back the stone of Christ’s tomb, his appearance like lightning, his clothing white as snow. The guards are terrified, becoming like dead men, and the angel announces to Mary Magdalene and the other Mary, mother of James, that Christ is risen, that they must go and share the good news with Jesus’ disciples [ … ]

Parables Of God’s Mercy | The Lost Sheep And The Lost Coin

The publicans (tax collectors) and other sinners are drawn to hear Jesus’ teaching. Perhaps they feel Jesus offers hope to them especially. While the scribes and Pharisees, despising sinners, find Jesus behaviour as he mixes with such people to be utterly objectionable, Jesus receives all humanity with love, understanding and, where there is faith and repentance, forgiveness. It is as if the people know that they are not condemned but can be accepted by Jesus. He offers them hope [ … ]

Easter Sunday | The Resurrection Of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Easter! Today we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead. Jesus has conquered death and sin. This is the proof of our salvation in Jesus Christ. We know that Jesus lived. We have his teachings and the clear evidence of the miracles he worked. We know he died. Now we have the proof of our faith in Jesus. He lives again. He did not know corruption. He raised himself from the dead to be near us always and to sit, as he promised, at the right hand of his Father in heaven. We have passed through darkness and the light of our lives is with us now and always [ … ]

Holy Week | Holy Saturday | The Easter Vigil

It is a time of vigil while Jesus rests and we await his resurrection on Easter Sunday. Jesus has died to free us from our sins. While he rests, the church is a quiet and sombre place. We think of Jesus’ first followers and of what they must have felt and thought through this time. They must have felt very alone and abandoned, and indeed at risk of losing their own lives [ … ]

Holy Week | Good Friday | The Passion And Death Of Jesus

This is the Passion and crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ. For us all, this is a tremendously saddening and painful part of our Easter journey, as, in a sense, we die again with Jesus to be reborn on Easter Sunday. The church is dark. There is an emptiness to the building as Jesus rests. Through this time, we acknowledge our need for Jesus and pray that he may come again to be with us [ … ]